Food service 4.0: would you like a side of tech with that?

Sorry, what's the WiFi password?

This is often the first question a customer asks the waiting staff the moment they’re seated. Because the need to stay connected through technology follows us everywhere we go. Even if it’s just to post that slice of your day on social media.

Acknowledging this now-ingrained habit among customers, more and more restaurants are going hi-tech. By taking advantage of the more practical and tangible values technology has to offer, restaurants really can create innovative services that customers find useful, improving the whole diner experience.

For example, having a smartphone at the table can become a way of reducing waiting times. 

Today, paper menus can be replaced by an entirely digital menu that’s accessed via your phone, simply pointing the camera at a QR code placed on the table. What are the advantages for customers? Being able to view the menu in their own language and look up any other information that might be relevant (nutritional values and allergens, to give just two examples). All of which comes with the added bonus of being easy to update in real time, which, for the restaurant, translates into a series of financial benefits compared to the classic paper menu. 

Another innovative service is the one that lets the customer use their phone not just to look at the menu, but to order and pay the bill, too, naturally using cashless and contactless methods. 

Meanwhile, since accessing the WiFi involves a quick registration procedure, the restaurant can collect important information on its customers, and use it to tailor its offerings to diners and create an ongoing relationship.

So there are benefits for both customers and the restaurant, with the latter being able to leverage technology to increasingly automate the way the place is run, as well as constantly monitor performance. 

Ethnic or fusion, nouvelle cuisine or fast food: whatever food your restaurant offers, no menu should be served up without a side of tech, which all customers have come to expect.



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