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No app to install. Hold your smartphone close… done!

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High visibility… cubed.

The Qube device has been designed to be eye-catching. It comes in two versions: customized with the QR code or with built-in NFC technology. A touch of elegance for an entirely contactless experience.


Nanosites for your business, macro impact for your customers.

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Try Iconn free for 7 days.

For you, it’s a super simple experience. For your customers, it’s the one they’re definitely going to remember.

With ICONN, creating your nanosite is practically child’s play. But navigating it will be even more fun.

Multilingual option

Your microsite can talk to customers from all over the world. The choice is yours.

Authorize your staff

Create your team and invite them to access the platform.

Drag and drop

To create and edit each detail super fast.

Share it via WhatsApp

Send your microsite to whoever you want via WhatsApp. Spread the word.

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Try Iconn free for 7 days.

“Thanks to ICONN, we have lifted the quality of our service, both in the restaurant and on the beach, especially when dealing with foreign customers.”

Fabio Giannotti
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What our customers are saying about ICONN

Such a simple yet revolutionary idea. Now that my customers have tried ICONN, how could I ever go back?

Alessandro M.

I chose ICONN for my bed & breakfast. QUBE fits in perfectly with the apartment’s modern style. And my guests love it, too.

Elena V.

I don’t have to print leaflets and brochures any more to show how my products work. With ICONN, I’ve got everything online: simple to share, easy to update.

Sabrina G.